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Well, for now it is only me …I am a marine biologist and I am lucky to attend several conferences, science meetings, online classes  and other classes. Often I find people taking naps. I must confess I have done the same a couple of times. I believe that these nap times are the result of very tired audiences  combined with very interesting speakers that happen to sound like sleeping pills… I believe this is a problem of lack of time, interest and communication skills of some speakers.

Conferences, classes, meetings are gatherings of knowledgeable people with amazing ideas. My aim is to keep on learning and improving my knowledge transfer skills. Meanwhile I would like to  show you some easy things that you can improve to make your ideas stick. It takes time and some effort but the result can be quite spectacular.


In case you are wondering what I do besides blogging about science, knowledge transfers and sustainable aquaculture, here is a bit more info about me and my work.

I got my graduation degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries from the Algarve University in 2004. Yes, the Algarve in Portugal, that sunny place nearby the sea. It was a great experience that gave me lots of skills, I was also awarded a merit scholarship  for my outstanding accomplishments. Well… not that outstanding, but it was good, and with the money I bought my first real mountain bike and travelled to London.  In July 2010 I completed a PhD degree in Animal Science  by the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar at  the University of Porto, Portugal.  Porto is again, an amazing city that I highly recommend. My thesis was entitled Nutritional quality and physiological responses to transport and storage of live crustaceans traded in Portugal. In it, I explored the consequences of transporting live crustaceans for human consumption. I have some training material on best practices to transport live crustaceans, if you want to learn more about this check my slideshare account here.

Since 2007 I have worked in 4 European projects in collaboration with SMEs, governmental labs and public Universities. Despite the challenges of publishing in a business related environment I have been able to deliver scientific papers in peer reviewed journals with impact factor. And in case you are wondering about the metrics I have a total of 145 citations and an h-index of 9. But I am cheating a bit because this is according to Google scholar, which usually overestimates it a bit.  So if you are really into metrics check my ResearcherID. I like to think I have a solid background in science communication to wider public audiences.  In 2010 I was awarded the CAMO Young Scientist Award Best oral presentation at the 3rd Joint Trans-Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (15-18 September).  Presently, I have a post Doc fellowship from the Portuguese Science Foundation, FCT, and I am developing work in seaweed cultivation at the Coastal Biodiversity Lad, CIIMAR, Porto in collaboration with Swansea University and Universidad de Los Lagos. As you have probably guessed by now I am  interested in sustainable aquatic food systems and the importance of science communication as a driver to change consumer attitudes and policy decisions, starting in University classrooms  but also through multimedia, and bigger events (Conference, seminar, workshops).  If you are really interested, my CV can be found on LinkedIn webpage.

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