E learning platforms should look more like Rip curl pro heat analyser.

Even if you are not a surf fan, and don’t know who Kelly Slater is, I am sure you will appreciate the heat analyser as an amazing tool that could be used in webinars or even E learning platforms. So in surf terms a heat is a round, two or more athletes have a fixed time to catch waves and do their best to impress the judges. Waves are scored and the two best wave scores are summed and the athlete with the highest score wins. But, what if you as a spectator don’t want to see/don’t have time to watch the whole thing, go through all waves, good and bad? That is where the heat analyser comes in. You can select what you want to see by clicking on the menu below. I think that this could be an excellent option to be used in webinars, online tutorials and so on. Especially those where you learn to program. I am learning JavaScript in Khan Academy and I am always going back and forwards, trying to find that piece of coding. It is time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Hope you enjoy the heat analyser, I suggest you select on Division (men’s Event)  then select from the round 2, from the heat 2 Kelly Slater (USA) vs. Frederico Morais (Portugal). Have fun!

Rip curl