Chile: strawberries grow in the North; salmon grow in the South

If you don’t find this statement strange, then you must live in the southern hemisphere. I am a Southern European; I am used to a different sky at night. I am used to… Continue reading

Over 1 trillion dollars

1,000,000,000 1×109  1 tera dollars Sorry, but I had to come up with a mathematical way of writing it. It seems more real and gives a bit of dimension to the amount of… Continue reading

Long live the poster, or not….

Most posters were unclear, unappealing, had a terrible design and aesthetics. There are graveyards of posters in every institution; some are still hung in unhappy walls, getting yellowish and faded colours.   The… Continue reading

Project hunting let – the games begin

 My dearest and least acknowledge science “gadget” must be my eyeglasses. But I hardly ever remember this, I just wake up and put them on, occasionally I forget them somewhere and start cursing.… Continue reading

Does science need more cowbird?

 “Locomotion comes with a price, a price that need not be in silver or gold, but in energy”. – “I like it.  – I like it too…” I know, this is a strange… Continue reading

It can’t be done, it does not make any sense… OK I’ll do task 3.2.

So this is for those of you who have struggled with meetings,  WPs, meaning work package, or even better, Task 3.2. If the words expert, partner, deliverable and this big thing called PROJECT… Continue reading

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